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Games Letters / Bespoke Works

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Working for successful blue chip companies who naturally lead there chosen field brings about cutting edge and novated design schemes.

It was therefore of no surprise when the resort director from Butlins asked us to replicate a scheme that he had seen when on business in America.

The American project read out the word "REVOLUTION". Each letter stood at three metres high, 3D and all fully illuminated.

We were challenged to replicate the same 3D oversized letters but this time spelling out the word "GAMES".

To make our task more testing we were tasked to factor in seating for children plus the usual robust qualities that Butlins insist on.

This entailed many hours working around our design table, lots of hours were abortive as many of our proposals were not stable enough or not easily maintainable.

Eventually we managed to manufacture and install these letters hitting all of the design criteria.

We formed cushioned fixed seating to the whole low level frontage that doubled up as additional stability. Intricate L.E.D lighting was individually pinned and made accessible by removing small secret panels on the rear. We only installed small lengths of L.E.D strip that could be reached by a maintenance worker and also saved the need to replace a whole letters worth of L.E.D lighting should they ever fail. This again in principle sounded a bit off the wall but showed our due diligence and impressed our client who already have plenty of maintenance issues to deal with on a day by day basis.

All of the letters except the letter "M" were manufactured in one huge section. The letter "M" admittedly beat us and was constructed in two sections. All letters / surfaces were shop sprayed and delivered to the venue. Even this was a nightmare having to ensure that no letters were not damaged in transit, they could all be taken into the venue without disrupting any customers plus the small headache of actually fitting in through the existing door casings. Moving this huge bulky letters had real potential of becoming farcical!

After lots of head scratching everything came together and the end result was stunning.

This "Games" letters concept can be adapted in any manor of ways. Any letter out of the alphabet, number, font, colour and finish can be utilised. We have recent had an enquiry to see whether these letters could be made from an alternative material and fitted outside.

This of course is always possible!

Our workshop has also produced other fascinating features with the use of a CNC routing machine Data is fed into its computer and the most outrageous of shapes can be cut to the finest precision.

This facility is particularly advantageous when working on high class bars and restaurants.

One of our recent projects had a lot of fret work that subtly spelt out the words "Rosso". This was utilised in different areas of the venue in a number of different materials.

The big Rosso fret that is shown in our pictures gallery was cut from Maple whilst some of the white fretwork was cut from Perspex allowing the L.E.D lighting to bleed thru from the background.

All of the above and many other concepts can be drawn manufactured and installed solely by Castle Construction.

Please forward your design ideas onto us via our "contact us page"

Mr Jeremy Pardey - Resort Director of the Butlins Bourne Leisure Group said:

"I have contracted Castle Construction to carry out works on my Bognor Regis resort for a number of years now.

I have always found Castle 100% dependable, committed & professional.

Whether they provide a novated design s...

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Games Letters / Bespoke Works

Games Letters / Bespoke Works

Working for successful blue chip companies who nat...


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