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Sun & Moon - Beachcomber

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In the last six months our most notable contract was working for Butlins on the Bognor Regis resort transforming an existing traditional bar / restaurant into a themed more modern establishment. Originally known as the "Sun & Moon" it was to be re-named and remarketed as the "Beachcomber Inn"

Castle was employed as principle contractor carrying out all works over two separate phases.

The first phase was highly pressured as we only had a time frame of four days to erect a metal stud wall, plasterboard, skim and decorate.

The length of this wall was 30 metres long and had to be stepped in various places to tie in with large skylights that were present on the original ceiling.

Mid way thru the length of the wall we installed two swinging fire doors that were to be the entrance for the new commercial kitchen that was to be constructed later on in the scheme.

Due to working with wet trades and the inherent drying times long hours and multiple tradesmen were utilised to protect the end date. There was no room for error as the venue was open on the fifth day to over five hundred customers.

This newly built wall created a physical barrier between the existing venue and the new kitchen area. This was ideal for us as it gave us a three week window to construct the new kitchen whilst the rest of the venue remained fully functional.

The new kitchen entailed quite a bit of demolition to existing walls, ceilings, store rooms, liquor stores and offices. All had to be done at set times of the day due to noise levels and all waste removed without offense.

New stud walls, 1st fix electrics, plumbing and drainage all followed. Fire line plasterboards were fixed and over clad using white rok hygienic cladding. White rok proprietary systems were provided such as rounded corners, and protective aluminium angle beads to protect the leading edge of any exposed areas. Unless adequate measures are taken Kitchens of this size and work rate are high in traffic and prone to damage.

Once complete Castle installed a metal grid ceiling and lighting that was specifically designed for the individual usage of this venue.

To comply with Bourne Leisure kitchen specification we finished the floor area and perimeter covings with Resuthane Resin. This modern form of application is recognised by the catering industry to be the best system available. Its non slip qualities withstands all of the demands that a large commercial kitchen places on it.

This product was hand laid by our in house team once all of the diamond grinding and floor preparation had taken place. This total area was in excess of 100 metres square. It was of paramount importance that all prep work and actual resin installation was completed on time as large quantities of catering equipment were due for delivery a few days after the resin had cured!

All appliances arrived and were successfully installed into the new kitchen a few days prior to Christmas.

This meant that phase one was completed on time and all efforts could be channelled into the front of house which would be closed to the general public in the New Year.

This however should not be under estimated as phase two of works was to be carried out on a venue that is off mammoth scale and had a strict time frame of six weeks to completion.

The removal of all fixed seating, the original bar, internal doors, carpets, screen panels and general memorabilia took longer than expected placing more emphasis on the next stage.

Demolition followed allowing a twelve metre long wall to be totally removed. There was a continuous need for calculations to be made and drawings altered as some of the existing structure was actually unknown until the demolition had been completed. This admittedly tested all of nerve as we couldn't really get our teeth stuck into anything else until the new steel beams were in situ. During this period alone we had over forty supports in place to carry the floors above until foundations, and steel beams could be installed. This structural work involved some site welding as well as traditional bolts. This item alone opened up the whole venue and allowed light into the building which was one of the main objectives from our clients design criteria.

With the layout now being formed it was time to focus on the new theme. This was based on a modern nautical feel, and was achieved by the manufacture and installation of various European Oak joinery features. Every single piece of Oak had to be individually distressed and damaged to portrait the look that the designer had requested. Freshly cut hardwoods were literally whipped with chains and stabbed with sharp objects. This strange form of workmanship was really labour intensive as original distressed samples were rejected by our clients. The level of damage required had to be far more severe!

This finish prevailed throughout the whole venue with the manufacture and fitment of external Oak doors, sliding windows, fireplaces, book cases, beach huts, fixed seating, ceiling rafts, screens that contained dock side girders and new male and female toilets.

The bar itself which was over fourteen metres in length was also constructed from American Oak with a composite stone bar top. As intended this bar was unbelievably effective and easily the most impressive bar that Castle has ever manufactured!

For fifty weeks a year the "Sun and Moon" had over one hundred covers constantly in use, but on occasions saw numbers drop towards the end of the evening as the atmosphere desired could not be created with the style of lighting that is traditional in the original style of restaurant.

Castle therefore fitted a versatile selection of lighting that all had the facility to be dimmed right down creating a more relaxing ambience.

By using a specialised dimming panel we were able to provide five pre set lighting programs that easily allowed the working staff to change its feel literally at the touch of a button. We even managed to convert and install some reclaimed lanterns that were from a dis-used navy ship!

All of the above was carried out in a six week period alongside the usual generic disciplines that you would expect from any main contractor. Duties such as electrics, plumbing, plastering, decoration, all aspects of joinery, balustrade manufacture and installation, manufacture and fitment of all fixed seating and upholstery, fitment of signage, ironmongery and come to think of it we even dismantled a huge cold room and freezer and re assembled it in the new kitchen area complete with commissioning forms and new door ironmongery.

As is the least any customer should expect we provided all of the necessary certification, complied with all building approvals, opened the venue on time and completed all defects / recommendations within a really short time frame !

Although painfull at times the final look of "Beachcomber" is something that Castle Construction will always be privileged to have created.

Mr Jeremy Pardey - Resort Director of the Butlins Bourne Leisure Group said:

"I have contracted Castle Construction to carry out works on my Bognor Regis resort for a number of years now.

I have always found Castle 100% dependable, committed & professional.

Whether they provide a novated design s...

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