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Bar Rosso

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A number of years ago Butlins commissioned a large bar to be constructed right in the centre of there resort. It was named Bar Rosso and really was one of the focal points and meeting places for all customers.

Approximately six years later Castle Construction was appointed as principle contractors to build a coffee lounge / bar extension onto the side of this original venue. This could only be made possible by converting "Finnegan's" which was an existing Fish and Chip restaurant.

This involved intricate and specialist demolition techniques as most of the front facade needing to be taken down and re constructed to match the facade of the original Bar Rosso. The new shop frontage literally ran into the old bar frontage so all joinery features had to be seamless. All kinds of structural steel works occurred from propping beams, bolting beams, on site welding and the removal of existing structural walls and steel columns.

Task specific plant and logistical restraints were causing frustration constantly. At times we wondered if we were going to be able to maintain the already tight build program. We always had it in the back of our minds that the total timeframe was only ever nine weeks.

After all of the demolition and site clearance was completed we began more progressive works, this involved the reduction of ceiling heights and an increase in floor levels. This was achieved by using multiple teams who worked together in a sequential fashion. Every tradesman had there own discipline to complete and were not permitted to start any new phase of works until the previous task was 100% complete. This strict regime alongside extended working hours slowly started to tell.
We could not afford any inefficiency as this would definitely bite us when moving into the final phases.

Once the main layout of the venue had taken shape we started to form the brand new commercial kitchen which included highly sophisticated kitchen appliances, M&E ductwork, grid ceilings and the installation of the White Rok hygienic wall cladding. For a change we installed a seamless Sea grass coloured Rok board instead of the usual white type, This feature proved successful as the kitchen had an open pass built into the public side wall so diners could actually watch the chef's cook whilst enjoying there meals.

To comply with Butlins kitchen specification we finished the floor area and perimeter covings with Resuthane Resin. This was hand laid by one of our in house team members once all of the diamond grinding and floor preparation had taken place.
This modern form of application is recognised by the catering industry to be the best system available. Its non slip qualities withstands all of the demands that a large commercial kitchen places on it.

During the third and final phase we supplied and fitted a bespoke bar that was complimented by a LG Himac solid surface, this was manufactured in our work shop and delivered to site in as large a section as our transport could manage. This initial pain paid off as our time spent on site fitting the actual bar was considerably reduced. We sourced every aspect of the bar from all of the specific ironmongery, speed rails, cocktail sinks and even had the structural glass manufactured and etched. The finished effect was outstanding.

Once the new bar was installed we had some comfort that our target end date was achievable and therefore set our workshop manufacturing other bespoke joinery features such as the cutting and laminating of all the wall and column panels that was specified as a Polyray.

Our computerised CNC machine was then brought into play. This amazing piece of kit is able to cut out almost any shape of timber or panel based material with absolute precision. This accuracy allowed us to form all of the bespoke fret works that ran thru the whole venue. This fretwork that subtly spelt out the words "Rosso" was used on the back bar, the glass shop frontage, for wall displays and most notably formed the back wall of the curved fixed seating. Without this type of equipment we would not have been able to achieve the designs that were desired.

All of the above bar and joinery features were enhanced by the fitment of a futuristic L.E.D lighting package. This gave the venue the flexibility to change its colours, feel & mood by the simple touch of a button.

However the most challenging build item was the construction of the external coffee lounge that needed to be manufactured from structural glass. Its main purpose was to be sound proof without compromising the over all look.

The ceiling specification was designed following strict guidelines that were calculated by our acoustics consultant. Various layers of sound proof boards and composite insulating panels were necessary to achieve the sound attenuation threshold. This was over laid with an aesthetic fabric canopy that was manufactured off site and hand stitched together whilst being stood on the actual scaffolding.

The sum of these materials resulted in a lot of weight being transferred down the supporting columns. Normally this wouldn't be a problem as you can simply up size the vertical beam gauge but that would be to easy! The designer insisted that all beams visible to the public had to be cylindrical and of stainless steel finish. All were procured, tested and installed eventually! Looking back I am really happy that the designer insisted on this specification as the end result was awesome.

The glass walls themselves were at the absolute limit in size and weight. Each panel was individually fixed into a specially manufactured stainless steel top and bottom rail. Each rail was then fixed to the structural roof beams to stop any lateral movement. Physically and logistically this whole process was challenging to say the very least. We finished off the sheer glass frontage with two sets of beautiful glass doors that were complimented with bespoke made stainless steel handles.

Due to business restraints it became apparent that the main rooms of the venue had to be opened for a big event when we were still a few weeks away from the original completion date. At this point the external glass coffee lounge had only just started construction. With support from Butlins we quickly made sure that the venue was fully operational and the external glass coffee room was hoarded off. This was done using exhibition boards to minimalism the effect on the paying customers.

Thankfully the event went well and we were still able to carry on certain duties behind the scenes.

We may make light of this situation now but I assure you at the time we ensured that all methods of works, risk assessments and methods statements were devised and followed to the latter.

Throughout this section we have mainly written about all of the non standard works. Along side these we did we carry out all other disciplines that you would expect from any main contractor. Duties such as electrics, plumbing, plastering, decoration, all aspects of joinery, floor tiling, carpet laying, balustrade manufacture and installation, fire curtain installation, the manufacture and fitment of all fixed seating and upholstery etc etc.

As mentioned previously we are a "one stop shop"

As a customer you would expect nothing less than I high calibre of workmanship, to be within budget and open on time. This I am proud to say happened on all three counts.

Mr Jeremy Pardey - Resort Director of the Butlins Bourne Leisure Group said:

"I have contracted Castle Construction to carry out works on my Bognor Regis resort for a number of years now.

I have always found Castle 100% dependable, committed & professional.

Whether they provide a novated design s...

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